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  Hedgehog Trader Newsletter (HHT)

Our flagship newsletter, with alerts and issues published every week or two (sometimes more often). HHT has generated massive gains for subscribers over the past 6 years (including numerous 40-200% gains!), even in 2009 when the broad markets tanked! HHT Newsletter (HHT) provides a metals and markets overview as well as opportunities in sectors we forecast as about to explode! We've hit home runs in numerous tech and energy stocks after cashing in 180% and 300% gains in metal stocks 2012. We made multi-bagger gains on Fuel Cell stocks in 2013- in just a few months! And we have continued to rack up gains through what most people consider challenging years in 2014 and 2015. In 2016-2017, we've generated hundreds of percent gains both in resource stocks, US stocks, and in country specific plays- like a satisfying 38% gain on a foreign bank in 2 weeks!

Hedgehog Trader Newsletter:

Our forecasts help identify big winners - we don't buy and hope. Our selections are based on Alpha-generated projections of stocks about to make huge gains and are not limited to any sector. That is why I've teamed up with a top NY fund manager to help him to blazing profits in 2017 and beyond.
Thanks to our forecasting of the big picture, we have been right about the stock market not crashing over the past few years - it is indeed the most hated bull market in history, having reached all-time highs in 2016 and 2017. And we continue to take advantage of the sentiment of retail traders. We also have a trusted forecast of when it will be time to get out with our big profits ... and when to profit on the short side!

Note: this is just a taste, there is a lot more great stuff, including market predictions - watch our great ideas outshine other publications, at top speed, too!

With the help of our friends at Vancouver-based INK Research, HHT Newsletter (HHT) has recently highlighted insider buying at a number of our companies on our buy list.

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  Hedgehog High Roller! (HHHR)

Our microcap resource stock advisory focuses mostly on stocks under $1.50. It's where we've handed subscribers some tremendous percentage winners over the last 6 years! So, why should you join us now? Microcap resource stocks are the cheapest they've ever been! We've also seen a major shift in sentiment for microcap stocks, we may see many of them triple or even quadruple in the year ahead. What's more, we've recently highlighted bullish insider buying or insider behaviour in a number of our recommendations!

Our exciting microcap Buy-list includes:

High Roller also covers companies that are smaller 'in the under 10 cent range' which should fly as speculators return to penny stocks - for its a fact that penny stock volumes are at 2 decade lows, and we see that about to change.

1) An online education company that has seen 4 million shares of insider buying in the last year (no insider sales) and huge growth. Shares are poised to explode! (Sorry, Sold for 140% gains!)

2) A potential 20-bagger with low risk: a 4 cent gold stock with intensive insider buying over the past 3 years, insiders hold over 50%. They own a gold project that after only a dozen drill holes were made has an estimated 700k ounces of gold (close to a 50 million ounce gold project!). One of the chief architects of that 50M ounce gold discovery leaped to this little gold company immediately after the small company reported amazing drill results. They may be announcing a major with a $10M JV offer any day now!

3) 10 cent silver stock sitting on 60 million ounces of silver - lots of insider buying recently by a wealthy and well-known resource investor in Canada. Our signals are picking up what may be a pretty crazy move shortly.

4) (New pick!) Tiny 10 cent explorer of a special metal up 50% in 2016- no, not lithium! I can't say much more.

5) (Recent pick!) Small gold producer that has 3 projects about to go into production and a top big league mining exec who left a Major Gold Producer to run the show!

5) The smartest lithium play in the world where management has skin in the game!

6) Tiny 11 cent gold stock with properties in World Class mining districts. Currently, exploring for silver in Alaska where Hecla Mining operates one of the world's largest silver producing mines in the world. In addition, they're exploring second world class metal property home to a past-producing mine with the highest-grade gold in Ontario! In fact, a huge nugget from this mine sits in a museum in one of Canada's most renowned museums. 7) Nuclear fuel stock that is up over 100% in three months!


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