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Year in Review … October Surprise .. Now what?

November 9th, 2014

While our blog posting has fallen off (apologies!) in the last year or so (due to the arrival of my son Max), our ability to generate huge profits has not! Hedgehog Trader, our members and strategic partners have continued to bank phenomenal profits both in resource stocks and in exciting tech and biotech companies!

Our Hedgehog High Roller (HHHR) microcap advisory added shares of Plug Power and Fuel Cell Energy around the New Year and saw PLUG rise from 70 cents to a high of $11 per share! FCEL soared from $1 to over $4 per share! One of our clients was able to pay off his parents’ mortgage with his profits (see our reviews page)- mind-blowing stuff! In October and again this month, we’ve added several new explosive stocks $1.50 and under- one has doubled in 5 weeks and another pair are up over 20%. One of our new ideas is a tiny but fast growing education company with major insider buying of over 4 million shares this year (no sales), including a big purchase by a bold Wall Street fund manager! Now is a great time to JOIN US and profit!

In October (last month), our Hedgehog Trader Newsletter on Oct 1st predicted weakness until the middle of October and indeed the market proceeded toplunge. Members made 9% by going short before the correction and then HHT members bought a selection of stocks mid-month that soared to multiple 30% gains in just a couple of weeks as the market rebounded! One of our special stocks stopped out for a 33% gain and then rose another 15% – but no one’s perfect and no one’s complaining =) Especially, because we have a ton of ideas that are still making members money.

On Thursday last week, HHT Newsletter bought an elite uranium stock on the cheap and while it closed the day down 2%, the NEXT day it raged 33%! A second must-have uranium company HHT recommended rose 15%. A third smaller uranium company HHT highlighted rose from 75c to 90 cents. Wow indeed.

If you’re getting the sense that profitable speculation is returning to the market, you are correct.

Underperforming fund managers who stubbed their toes in October, will now have to buy stocks hand over fist in order to have a chance to make money before year end … and so, the most hated rally in stock market history continues!

JOIN US and PROFIT alongside our happy members today!

The Most Hated Stock Market Rally: Profiting from Dynamic Markets!

November 9th, 2014

(this blog was meant to be posted in January- being a new daddy makes hitting the right buttons a bit foggy)

January 2014:

We thought the metals sector could finally begin a new upleg last summer as sentiment was beyond terrible. Indeed, there was a tremendous short squeeze- and during this stretch, our subscribers banked massive profits in mining stocks last summer (180% and 320% gains in fact!).

We entered a few more mining stock trades in late summer and were stopped out. It was obvious the sector needed more of a rest, one that coincided with accelerating strength in the stimulus-driven broad market.

What we at Hedgehog Trader did next was to adapt and quickly identify stocks and sectors with huge growth. Once again, we generated and continue to generate huge gains in biotechs, renewable energy stocks and specialty stories in the tech sector – including well over 30% on a once hated social media stock! And for instance, this month HHT took 25% and 23% gains on two star biotechs and 49% gains on a special tech stock. The month before we grabbed 44% gains on a mortgage stock in just a couple of weeks. While numerous investors and fund managers sat paralyzed watching the ascent of the Dow and S&P 500, awaiting for a crash- we stayed long, profiting in what is now being called “the most hated stock market rally ever!”

Recently, our microcap newsletter Hedgehog High Roller (HHHR) generated a triple (so far!) in just a few weeks.

At present, both Hedgehog Trader Newsletter (HHT) and our microcap focused Hedgehog High Roller (HHHR) have a number of fantastic stocks that our proprietary Alpha Signals suggest are ready to take off. Some of which are so impressive they have recently found their way into fund managers’ portfolios after a consult from me. So don’t wait, join us!

In fact, have a look at what our clients which include everyday investors as well as fund managers have had to say about our banner year here!

When Preparation Meets Opportunity: Gold Profit-Paradise!

August 19th, 2013

At Hedgehog Trader, we’ve been extremely busy researching elite stock ideas, generating actionable forecasts and helping our members realize substantial profits over the past few months – that’s why we’ve not made any new posts since April. Apologies. =) 

However, much excitement has transpired since our last blog update! In addition to a crescendo of insider buying pointed out by insider expert Ted Dixon and our partners at INK Research (incredibly, at one point, eight gold stock insiders were buying for each one that was selling), I began to notice positive divergence on the chart of the HUI starting in April – something that short-sighted investors and fat-headed fund managers foolishly derided when we pointed it out. Indeed, many banks and financial institutions declared the gold bull dead and commodity super cycle over.

The always irrelevant Dennis Gartman came out of his gloomy hole and shook his crooked index finger at the world of gold bugs – as if this crusty battleship, frequently trotted out as a gold expert on CNBC, had finally gotten a directional call correct! Even my sister-in-law handed me an evaluation from the boutique financial firm she works at, which suggested commodities had outlasted their usefulness. Et tu Brute?

However, as contrarians, Hedgehog Trader saw these as classic sentiment mistakes we tend to see near a major bottom. And a bottom it was indeed, for as we headed into July – this positive divergence continued and with our research in hand, we waited until miners suddenly and powerfully began to outperform the physical metals. On July 16th, the same day that a blathering Options writer trumpeted his gold bearishness on a major gold website, Hedgehog Trader Newsletter bought a large position in elite mining stocks we had been highlighting for subscribers- many with insider buying, lots of cash and/or aggressive production profiles. Two weeks later, we cashed in an amazing windfall of over 180% in profits, averaging more than 15% per stock in just 14 days – or an annualized gain of 361% each!

Post-Crash HUI Chart

As if that wasn’t celebration enough, our proprietary Alpha Signals gave us the nod on on August 8th (my birthday!) we added another basket of elite mining stocks and less than two weeks later we’d generated another 300% in gains! Nearly all of our miners rose 30-40% and a few rose more than 50%. One of our junior silver producer comeback picks erupted for 100% gains in two days last week, for an annualized gain of 18,250%! Incredible. And yet, as you can tell by the chart above, we are only at the start of the second up-leg in the powerful gold bull market. Better yet, we are fortunate to be able to buy miners at record low valuations! The last time valuations were this attractive, Hedgehog Trader Newsletter generated numerous doubles, triples and even five-baggers back in 2009! And I think the miners have an even more amazing upside this time around – for we see silver as likely to more than double over the next 12-18 months. Below we feature a chart showing the beautiful and explosive cup and handle formation in the price of silver:

Silver 16 Aug 2013

If you’re interested in tremendous profits, consider becoming a member of Hedgehog Trader today! Browse our advisories here.

Curious what people are saying about Hedgehog Trader?  Read on as subscribers, industry and fund managers weigh in with their thoughts:

Gold’s Final Shakeout

April 14th, 2013

Many unprepared investors are in panic mode as they’ve seen gold fall close to $1400 and silver under $25 an ounce. We have to remember that this washout has been caused largely by heavy selling in paper-backed metal ETFs which can be magically conjured up in amounts large enough to run stops and send investors scattering for paper bags to breathe into.

It’s my opinion that the US Government wants to lower the price of gold to distract from Uncle Ben’s fiat press (which prints $85 billion per month) and to preserve, if temporarily, the value of the US dollar and the appearance that the economy is robust. (So kindly ignore the chart below of the 46 million Americans currently on food stamps.)

So we have financial institutions like Goldman Sachs trumpeting investors to Sell, Sell, Sell.


That’s what institutions say to bring about a final purge so their most favoured clients can position themselves on the long side. People are not lined up at pawn shops to liquidate their hard assets.

Bull markets do their best to buck the greatest amount of investors off with sharp corrections and long-grinding downward moves.

I expect to see this purge disgust many long-time investors enough to throw in the towel. This is classic behaviour before the start of the next bull market up-leg.

Everyone seems to be on the bear side of this market and this is a dangerous game for any new precious metal bears. Being part of the bloodlusting crowd never ends well.

On the contrarian front, sentiment analyst Mark Hulbert illustrates that gold newsletter writers are the most bearish they’ve ever been.

Additionally, I point out that the Bullish Percent Gold Miners Index has hit zero. And as we know from the last time that happened in late 2008, the fewer passengers on a plane the quicker and more easily it lifts!


Indeed, unlike 2008, many mining stocks pay substantial dividends (far better than your bank!), making them even more attractive this time around. Not surprisingly, several dividend paying resource stocks are in our crosshairs.

We’re even seeing some signs of positive divergence in the already shredded and heavily oversold junior mining sector.


In the short-term, we expect a powerful rebound once sellers are exhausted and shares bounce back from their deep correction. Especially with short positions at extreme high levels – as those shorts will need to cover. In the medium term, we’ll see miners find their balance. And in the long-term, we expect to see metals and miners resume their ascent with a new crowd of precious metal investors reaping the profits.

Since late summer, our flagship publication Hedgehog Trader Newsletter has employed a savvy and effective strategy, buying weakness in the miners and selling into strength and of late, employing tight stops in anticipation of a potential roll-over in the sector. Indeed, larger and less nimble entities like Paulson’s commodity-focused investment fund appear to be liquidating anything and everything in desperation as we near a bottom.

More importantly, we’ve eschewed the typical gold newsletter tunnel vision, as we’ve cashed in on some highly profitable contrarian trade ideas (such as Blackberry US: BBRY and Tesla Motors US: TSLA) in the broad markets and overseas at times the metals have struggled. Lately, we’ve begun to outline the metal producers we’d like to pick up from the ashes.

What’s more, INK Research’s Ted Dixon who’s written expertly about the bullishness of gold stock insiders (at an impressive 7 to 1 buy/sell ratio) continue to furnish us with excellent leads and he reminds investors that while insiders often buy early, they are an excellent measure of future success.

Join Hedgehog Trader Newsletter (HHT) as we continue to uncover profitable ideas, for our readers in the months ahead!

Profits and Plans! As Gold Bull Prepares to Rise!

March 25th, 2013

Greetings, readers! I can’t believe we haven’t put up a blog post since early December.

Though this does make excellent sense, as our team been very busy doing research and analysis for our private clients (fund managers and independent investors who want one on one interaction) and our loyal subscribers – and generating fantastic gains with some timely analysis, savvy strategy and the kind of uncanny predictions you’ve come to expect! If you’re not a current subscriber or private client, you’ve been missing out on some fantastic excitement and profits at our unique publication.
As we’ve waited for mining stocks to bottom these last few months, unlike the many (understandably) morose gold newsletter writers who limited themselves to focusing on a sector in decline, I’m pleased to say Hedgehog Trader Newsletter (HHT) generated significant gains in broad market stocks. In fact, the stock market’s record low VIX has meant that even broad stocks have moved very little and very slowly on average.

And yet, our Alpha Signals have allowed us to pinpoint buys and crystallize major gains – including a spectacular 30% gain in just 12 days on a bank stock we bought late in 2012 (we highlighted it as a likely big gainer) – a 900% annualized gain! And a 40% two-month gain on an insider buying play, a cheap US-listed software stock – for a 240% annualized profit. And in our newsletter (and predicted on Twitter here, when we called the return of then-hated shares Research in Motion US: RIMM (back in early September before it doubled several months later!) and 13% in shares of Zynga US: ZYNGA. And a 4-day 6% gain in Nvidia US: NVDA.

That said, mining stocks are first and foremost in my mind due to their amazing upside due to record low relative valuations amid record pessimism. Despite the decline in the mining sector (and because we’re contrarians) we’ve bought the dips and sold into strength – such as netting 24% gains on Dec 17th (three miners).

Record volatility and let’s face it, heavy manipulation has fooled us all at some point or other during gold’s mini-bear cycle within the bigger bull market. But it’s our ability to land on our feet that sets us apart. (We had thought the miners rally would last the entire Fall but when the shorts began to pile on ominously in October and November, we took profits mid-October and made wise use of stops when we bought the dips, letting the market do our work for us.)

I can say we correctly forecast a rally for miners early in the New Year and deployed positions, resulting in a quick 21% gain on a leveraged Asian gold play, a 27% gain on a gold junior, 22% on a growing silver producer, 15% on a medical supply company, 10% on a Brazilian gold explorer, 6% on a Canadian copper company, 6% on a zinc company 5% on a gold fund. What commodity bear market? :)

At the end of January, we took a quick 9% gain on Tesla Motors US: TSLA, and a 9.2% gain in a nifty transport-manufacturer,

After the first week in February we put on the brakes and waited for more weakness in the HUI (which looked like it may not hold 400) before adding shares.

In early March, we took 7.2% gains in Blackberry US: BBRY, 12% gains on that transport company, 13% on our second trade on that bank stock we’d earlier made 30% in, and 5.2% gains in an airline. A week later we took 14% on Blackberry for our second big one-day gain on the turnaround story in just 10 days. Again, we were Back in Black – with Blackberry US: BBRY that is, and generated another quick 7% gain – making it 28% gains on three Blackberry US: BBRY buys in a month. In fact, on March 10th with shares seemingly directionless, I published my prediction here on Twitter and the stock took off from $13 to $16 in short order! Last week, we also generated a two-day 4% gain (open) in a US-listed company with a revolutionary technology.

As scared investors of all sizes stand paralyzed on the sidelines, we’re looking at miners, as they’re trading at record low relative values.

(Bye-bye soon! Mini Gold Bear.)

That’s because the charts below suggest, we are on the verge of a massive gold, silver and mining stock breakout. The last time the miners were this cheap and the odds were this good it was 2009 and our positions doubled, tripled (and more) in the year and a half that followed.

So, as of late, we’ve loaded up on our favourite miners (including some with insider buying and amazing production growth prospects!). Being wise, we have some great offensive and defensive strategies in place, as well as a view to what’s going to happen next. So why wait? Join us and profit today! This rip-roaring-rally could come any day now!

US Dollar Drop Predicts Gold’s Coming Pop

December 3rd, 2012

After cashing in 400% gains (HHT Newsletter) and 700% gains (Hedgehog Special Ops advisory) in October, we expect our next round of Huge Subscriber Profits in the next few months …

That’s because we just saw the US Dollar make a significant stumble, as its waning momentum finally turned sharply downward.

A dollar sell signal typically foreshadows a prolonged period of weakness for the green-back. And, as you can see from the chart below, US dollar weakness is a strong catalyst for a rise in the price of gold!

Dollar and Gold

Investors, take note! Gold, silver and resource stocks – trading at historically low ratios to their underlying commodities will be the biggest beneficiaries of dollar weakness and inflationary commodity strength!

Strap on your seat-belts ahead of the huge rush when gold passes $1800, and get ready to profit from Hedgehog Trader’s leading advisories!

Not only have our proprietary Alpha Signals identified outstanding resource stocks (including some great, low-priced gold and silver producers), but we’ve also recently highlighted some great insider buying plays within this undervalued group of resource stocks!

Insider buying has led our subscribers to some huge gains in the past few years, including a number of profitable takeovers. In fact, our advisories identified three takeover situations for our subscribers this Fall, resulting in gains of 100% on each occasion!

So, there’s no time to waste! Join our profitable advisories today!

Read some of our great client feedback, please visit our reviews page!

Profit Fever: Subscribers BANK Profits!

October 14th, 2012


Last week, due to some warning signs we picked up and shared with subscribers, our HHT Newsletter (HHT) and Hedgehog Special Ops (HSO) advisories went ahead and took some truly huge profits!

Hedgehog Trader cashed in over 400 percent gains!

$3 to $4.79 in XXX Mining for a 60% gain
$4.58 to $6.60 in XXX Mining! for a 44% gain
$3.13 to $4.34 for a 34.3% gain in (a dot-com)
$14.87 to $19.16 in XXX Gold for a 29% gain
$32.89 to $42 in XXX Gold! for a 28% gain
$1.04 to $1.25 on XXX Gold for a 21% gain
$1.32 to $1.67 in XXX Mines for 26% gain
$0.96 to $1.16 in XXX Corp for a 26% gain
$10.49 to $12.65 in XXX Gold for a 21% gain
$2.10 to $2.50 in XXX Minerals for a 20% gain
$13.30 to $14.52 in XXX Gold for a 9% gain + divs
$2.94 to $3.47 in XXX Gold for an 18% gain
$18 to $20.52 for a 14% gain+ dividend in XXX Mining
$0.84 to $1.07 in XXX Metals for a 27% gain
$0.92 to $1.00 in XXX Gold for a 9% gain
$2.63 to $2.83 in XXX Gold to an 8% gain
$1.07 to $1.15 in XXX Gold for an 7% gain

Hedgehog Special Ops cashed in a spectacular near-700% in profits on 7 stocks!

$0.41 to $1.42 in XXX Silver for a 246% Gain!
$0.85 to $2.12 in XXX Silver for a 149 percent Gain!
$6.20 to $14.35 in XXX Gold for a 131.5 percent Gain!
$1.80 to $2.46 in XXX Gold for a 46 percent Gain!
$2.99 to $4.80 in XXX Gold for a 61 percent Gain!
$0.40 to 40.52 in XXX Capital for a 30 percent Gain!

Including $0.29 to 0.465 in XXX XXX for a 60 percent Gain in 1 month! (annualized 720%!)


We also received some exciting news today, when it was announced that Prodigy Gold PDG.V, an undervalued gold explorer our HSO advisory recommended on June 19th at 61 cents, was taken over by Argonaut Gold, giving our subscribers a +60% gain in under 4 months! That’s 61 cents to 98 cents so far – the offer is actually $1.08. Prodigy is the second profitable takeover our HSO portfolio has received in the last 2 months! We cover many other undervalued resource stocks, ripe for the picking!

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The Incredibles: Gold and Silver!

September 30th, 2012

As investors it’s easy to lose confidence during times of great volatility. That’s when it’s good to step back and take a look at the big picture.

Here’s how remarkably gold and silver have performed over the last decade.




If you’re not invested in metals and resource stocks, you will miss out on the chance to make once-in-a-lifetime profits!

Therefore, we invite you to browse the exciting ideas presented by our investment advisories listed on our products page.

The charts above illustrate the fact you’re joining our top notch advisories at the best possible time!

What’s more, our intuitive Alpha Signals confirm the bullishness of these magnificent charts, and they forecast huge gains in the elite resource stocks we have worked hard to identify.

Special Note: our Alpha Signals are looking for $45 silver at a minimum by the end of December 2012!

Junior Miners Set to Outperform Gold & Silver!

September 16th, 2012

Updated as of 12 am, Sept 16th:

If you haven’t taken the plunge already, the time to act is now …


… as mining stocks are in the sweet spot and are now beginning to outperform the physical metals.


This miner break-out includes the most highly leveraged stocks in the resource sector: the microcaps, most of which are listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange.


We recommend considering our Elite resource stock recommendations (many reporting insider buying) as our Alpha Signals forecast a profit explosion in junior mining stocks imminently!

To learn about the fantastic profit-making opportunities currently featured in our advisories visit our products page!

Note: if we get a lull this week, we recommend using weakness to add to your junior mining stocks.

A Spectacular Day for Metals and Miners!

September 13th, 2012

As Fed Chairman Ben ‘Helicopter’ Bernanke officially unleashed Quantitative Easing to Infinity, the price of gold soared 38 dollars and silver, too, shone brightly, seizing a gain of $1.50 an ounce! Mining stocks completely exploded. In fact the HUI Gold Bugs Index rocked the world, as its group of unhedged gold producers rose 4 percent on the day!


Those results are impressive. However, Hedgehog Trader saw some spectacular gains in our advisories.

Hedgehog Trader Newsletter (HHT) saw numerous one-day gainers of 5%, 6% and 7% capped off with a 10% and 12% gainer!

Our special situations and takeover newsletter Hedgehog Special Ops (HSO) saw one-day gains of 5%, 8%, 9%, 9%, 12% and 25%!

Saving the Best For Last!

One of my favourite junior gold companies in our uncanny microcap advisory Hedgehog High Roller (HHHR) rose 165% in a single day from 5 cents to 14 cents! Incredible!

We’ve been anticipating this wealth-changing Fall rally for months and telling our subscribers to hang tight, when so many ‘experts’ were fearful.

If you want super-sized gains we are the only investment website you need.

In fact, I’ve been consulting with a precious metals fund manager who oversees $300 million in assets, and he’s been busy buying the top stocks I’ve been recommending in our advisories for his high net-worth clients and their $300,000 accounts. Like our subscribers, his clients were making money hand over fist today! (Paid subscribers will find out which stocks those were – this weekend.)

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